Sasha Vinci

Sasha Vinci, born on the 13th of April 1980 in Modica, experiments with different forms of art, from performance to sculpture, from audio to writing and painting, whilst investigating the most problematic aspects of being in alive in society today. His artistic practice starts from the intimate memories of self, and evolves into a multiplicity of visions to unveil the pain and social contradictions of our contemporary world.

I love how powerful his work feels, due to the remorse and detailing, whilst also lacking detail, of the body. I love how he also conveys his message almost entirely through the body language of the sculpture, how its slumped shoulders shows it carries the weight of the world. Even the fact that its displayed on a chair is a symbol, how it has not even the energy to stand. Although not connected to my theme I couldn’t help but include this artist when I found him as I find his work to be so fascinating and powerful. When it comes to actually deciding how to present my final piece for this academic year I will definitely have to keep in mind how powerful it can be.

2 L-Eterna Attesa 2008 (mix media)_1_296913

The Eternal Wait. 2008. Mixed Media.

Sasha Vinci creates haunting sculptures and installations that contemplate the nature of man’s existence. While his works can be morbid and a bit terrifying, as in his series of fleshy seated subjects waiting for eternity, Vinci also finds beauty and sexuality in the human figure. Known for his captivating and carnal sculptures, Vinci is a true multimedia artist, also exploring drawing, painting, writing, sound design and performance art. Most recently, he also finds inspiration in the absence of the figure and extension of what is human in his 2014 installation “Memento Flori”.



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