Fardou Louise Keuning

Made using chicken wire and paper mache, Fardou creates what she calls ”creatures” which she then arranges around dinner tables for exhibitions complete with fake food. I find her work very interesting and I actually find her use of chicken wire as a way of creating the bones a rather interesting idea and I wonder if I can make that work myself in helping build up certain parts of the skeleton I’m working on. I love how morbid some of these look, and how for me they seem to lightly play with the theory of the uncanny valley much like I’m trying to.

Keuning, a 31-year-old artist from the Netherlands, calls these sculptures her “creatures,” and it’s not difficult to understand why. Some have deformed limbs; others have burnt skin. Their facial expressions range from Buddha-like tranquility to utter terror. She doesn’t just call them “creatures”—nearly human, but not quite—because of their unusual aesthetic. It’s because, to her, they are almost alive.




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