Studio Week 10

As I’ve been unable to attend Studio with my tutor recently due to illness, and the last I attended in Week 8 was run by a different tutor, I arranged to meet with her today. Due to the size of the skeleton I was unable to bring it into Studio to show her so had to settle with just showing photos. Because I was only able to get it last week I didn’t have much to show her in terms of actual work done, but because she hadn’t seen the exhibition pieces I done for week 8 I was able to get her input on that also.

She criticised the work in the same way the other tutor and group did, explaining that the presentation wasn’t very well thought out, and she proceeded to show me how I should have presented it, without the plinth attached to the hand for example, and explained how the skin colour and fake blood colour looked tacky and took the horror feel away from the piece and made it appear more of a jokative work.

The work of the skeleton I was able to show her was the beginning of the modroc I’d started on the legs, beginning the process of thickening them up slightly and hardening the actual plastic of the bones through the use of modroc, as I didn’t realise when I brought it how thin the plastic would feel. I mentioned the fact that I plan to try paper mache soon as I think the modroc might make the skeleton appear too much of a joke still, because of how white and cartoon like the smooth modroc felt and looked, and to this she suggested that modroc could still be a good idea if I stopped being too delicate with it. She explained that the smoothness of the modroc is accomplished because of how I apply it and aim for it be even, if I didn’t try to make it so even and well rounded it wouldn’t be smooth anymore.

She felt my skeleton wasn’t anything like I’d discussed before, and in her opinion she felt I should return to the masks and make a work centering on them as a final piece for the exhibition, but I felt I had to disagree because I really think that this skeleton could look really interesting and has some good potential. I feel like I’ve gone as far as I can with the masks for now, and I think she would have felt the same if I was able to get more of it done before I saw her. I understand from the little she saw that it doesn’t look like much but I’m feeling confident it could look really impressive, and I’ve had nothing but encouragement for it from other tutors and peers so far.


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