Skeleton Proposal

So far this term I’ve had no major ideas on what I could do for the final exhibition next term, and I’ve been working on casts and masks hoping to have something finally come to me. Recently I finally had an idea come to me which I think could work very well if done right. I plan to acquire a skeleton, roughly the size of an average person, and I hope to decorate it in different ways, by layering it with modroc to make certain parts larger and leaving bone bare in other parts. I also plan to stick objects through it, like long shards of clear plastic, as seen on the hand I presented for the exhibition, nails and possibly more. I’m not planning to go back to casting anything for the skeleton, and I am also considering looking into other methods of coating the bones, one which comes to mind is paper mache.

For presentation ideas I hope to be able to hang it from the ceiling with clear fishing line, and have its feet touching the floor so the viewer is confronted with it on eye level, or to have it sat in a chair in the centre of a room. In my opinion I think having it hung will work much better than having it sat on a chair, as I wanted the viewer to feel confronted, much like a scene from a horror movie when the victim is trying to escape and turns around at the last second to see the killer right behind them. In  that case the victim is confronted with their fear of being killed, the obvious outcome, and in this case I want the viewer to think of those scenes and become uncomfortable.

I have already found an artist, Fardou Louise Keuning, who has made a work slightly resembling my ideas, but she does them in more of a jokative way and for much different reasons.


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