Skeleton Brainstorming

To help further possible ideas for my skeleton idea I decided to brainstorm a few thoughts I’ve had recently to try and pick out the best;

Methods to use;

  1. Modroc
  2. Paper Mache
  3. Casting to recreate certain bones in different ways

Objects to embed;

  1. Nails
  2. Clear plastic or glass
  3. Barbed wire
  4. Metal Shards?

Additional decor?

  1. Possibly real organs (animal) if health and safety allow, eg. a pig or beef heart, obtainable from butchers?
  2. Fake blood (NOT PAINT)
  3. Possibly latex? For fake skin?

Artists who come to mind?

  1. Kiki Smith’s Hard Soft Bodies 1992
  2. Marc Quinn (Already researched but the grotesque look of frozen blood face could help me further the idea of using animal heart)
  3. Fardou Louise Keuning

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