Rehana Zaman

Rehana Zaman’s work centres around moving image and performance. Her work considers the complex interplay of multiple social dynamics that constitute subjects along particular socio-political formations. A key work of hers which I found interesting was the piece called ‘Tell Me The Story Of All These Things’ which is also one of her most recent works. I find it powerful how she included her own sister in the work as a way to explore the ideas of clothing, education and food. This allows a personal relationship for the artist which isnt necessarily obvious until you’re told she is her sister. She created her own involvement as she forms this conversation which kickstarts the rest of her short film.

Watching this film you gain an intimate relationship with the woman and learn details about her you wouldnt expect, which anchors the piece itself. Zaman highlights how she layers the figures in the video as a way to explore the body. She explains that the conversation wasn’t planned, but instead more natural and wanted to explore a personal shared experience. The film capturing the process of her making a curry ties in cultural traditions and family. The importance of space is highlighted as she uses the kitchen while she cooks, a domestic environment which can relate to all. It is this location which can be considered to the most popular to spark conversations, which in turn makes the video feel natural.


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