Exhibition Week 8 Feedback

For the exhibition I presented the two masks I had completed and the hand, placing them on a plinth in a relatively empty room, intriguing the viewer to walk closer to inspect, and then freaking them out when they looked closer and noticed the shards of clear plastic sticking out of the arm. I wanted to use actual glass but felt it was too much of a safety hazard to risk.

The main criticism I received was about how I presented my works, as I failed to present them in a way which could be seen as horrific. I was told I should try to make the pieces appear more ‘edgy’ and ‘raw’.

I got relatively good feedback with the majority also liking my idea of making a skeleton which would be life size practising with the idea of the deformation you see in my masks and limb pieces. I was encouraged to continue with my skeletal ideas, but also told to reconsider how to present my works.


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