During the last crit I was encouraged to make another piece for the exhibition coming up, in particular a hand, the hand I drew. I decided to make it much more grotesque than the drawing by making the shards coming out (or going in?) of the arm out of clear, or mirrored plastic. After making the hand out of modroc, using a hand statue I’ve brought before to model jewellery I’ve made, I broke a cd apart and embedded them into the still wet modroc. I left a lot of the translucent covering on some of the pieces to give it a slight look of being mirror shards. After it dried I regretted this decision as I think that it would have looked much better without the tape like substance still attached. I also made the mistake of painting it as I panicked and realised too late I forgot to add fingernails, so tried to fix that by painting the fingertips bloody to give the impression they’d been torn off.


Modroc hand.

Overall, if I was to make this again I would have not added the plastic until the sheen coat was off fully, and also I would have tried to focus more when making the hand, as something as small as fingernails didn’t cross my mind. I worry what impression this gives other people who view my work, I worry that they’ll think I’m not trying hard enough, so I’ll try to focus harder in the future.


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