Joey Holder

Joey Holder is a female artist whose interests cover the structures of hierarchies of the technological and the natural world. She mixes the elements of biology, nanotechnology as well as natural history against computer program interfaces, screen savers and measuring devices. In this artist talk she presented a continual flow of her work as she spoke, allowing us to see a vast range of her oeuvre, a method I found interesting as it kept me interested throughout her talk. She highlighted that she is a multi-media artist and tries to portray a type of mutation in her work. Through diagrams and databases, she portrays organic life in her work, in their natural order as a way to split organic matter. She states she also looks into the biology, light patterns and categorisation.

She mentioned the first time that she worked alongside scientists, which was during a project she done called ‘The Internet of Growing Things’. She mentioned that this experiment portrayed the constant need to control nature. Her final piece was an installation piece, where she used Jacuzzi baths that were structured bottom side into the wall and projected onto them. The projections included were images of jellyfish and other organisms, with underwater sounds which created an unusual environment/atmosphere for the viewer.

I found this talk interesting as I felt the steady flow of images was an interesting way of keeping the viewers attention. I also found her work incredibly interesting, and her final piece sounded rather hypnotising.


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