Studio Week 7

For this session I presented the mask and sketches I made during enhancement week and got really encouraging feedback, but I also decided to create something quite drastically different to what I’ve done so far. The sketches intrigued my tutor and peers, and one in particular caught their attention, a hand with sharp objects coming out of the skin on its wrist. I drew this image whilst trying to draw an illustration depicting the pain I get when my fibromyalgia attacks my wrists. For the exhibition next week I have been encouraged to try and create another piece, in particular the hand featured in the sketches.


Detailing of hand drawing I presented.

The drastically different idea I’ve come up with is obtaining a mannequin or skeleton, and deforming and adding painful looking parts to it. So for example, if I  could get a mannequin I could coat it in modroc and make certain parts larger than others, and stab objects into it to make it a piece which confronts the viewer, as it would be placed in a room to confront the viewer as they walked in. Also, I would want it to be tall enough to be able to on eye level of the average person. I am more keen on the idea of a skeleton though as I think I’ll have more to work with.


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