Going by the feedback I received last week I decided to start making the mask I’ve designed in my sketches, with a twist. I thought instead of creating it with the mouth spreading all the way up the face, I could instead practise on making small sharp looking teeth, a bit like a shark, and concentrate on the teeth, the shaping and sharp look.


Using the above image I made each individual tooth over a period of 2 days, and made lips and shaping of the head removing all other features that would make it appear to be a humanoid. I then added the black behind the teeth to give the look in movies where the killers mouth (if they’re some sort of demonic creature) looks like a big black hole.

Overall I think this turned out to be a success and I do like how the teeth turned out so detailed in some way, yet still rough like they’ve chewed through something that has hacked away at the enamel of their teeth. If I was to make this again I wouldn’t paint any blood as I do think that it takes away from the detailing of the teeth.


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