In this event we welcomed back former UoR Art students, including Manolo Blahnik’s Social Media Manager, Naomi Davies. This event completely revolved around careers and life after university, a topic I worry about quite often. After the talk we were offered the chance to photograph Manolo Blahnik shoes, then review them and how well they would work on their social media. I found this interesting as it reminded me much of an event I took part in when I was in college, in which a photographer for a company I can’t remember came in and taught us what was expected in the photos they are required to shoot, and how advertising worked. As a student of art, then and now, I felt and feel pressure to know what to look for when photographing specific scenes objects, like what arrangement the objects should be, what colours compliment the object and setting, and how to position the area around the object. I did find this event very interesting as I like how it made these questions come to mind again, and reminded me I should be more careful when photographing my own work, as in art presentation is everything.


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