Born In Flames Screening

For my enhancement week activities I decided to choose to see this film because not only had I heard much about it, but it also got mentioned alot in my Bodies of Difference module as an important film.


Born in Flames Movie Poster.

‘Born in Flames’ is a 1983 documentary-style feminist science fiction film by Lizzie Borden that explores racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism in an alternative United States socialist democracy.

The story follows several different women coming from different perspectives and attempts to show different examples of sexism and how it plays out, and how it can be dealt with through direct action of either the victim or people viewing the scene. A famous scene is one during which two men are attacking a woman on the street and dozens of women on bicycles with whistles come to chase the men away and comfort the woman.

The film shows the different ideas that the women come up with about what they can do and what they should do, because they all know that the government will not take care of it. The film shows a world at war against women, with violence, government oppression and high unemployment for females. By the end of the film the women start to come together to make a bigger impact, by certain acts that some would call terrorism.

I found it an interesting movie and I understand why it’s now mentioned so often in my other modules, due to its impressive portrayal of women and the difficulties they face for simply being born their gender.


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