Studio Week 5

For this week I had a mask and a couple of proposal sketches for future masks ready to take in, going on the advice I was given last week. Made from modroc and designed in the way I had designed ones from last term, this mask was made using inspiration from a demon featured in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and my own tweaks to the design, as mentioned before.

The main one the group and tutor agreed on was the face with no other features other than teeth. By our next tutorial, in week 7, I should aim to have another mask finished and a few more sketches of ideas.


Sketch from a few days ago. Pencil. A3.

I received good feedback for this mask, with the criticism being with the colour of paint I used for the teeth, which I mentioned before as my main fault with it also. For my next mask I’m to avoid ‘clique’ colours, and colours which are ‘tacky’ versions of what the colour is meant to be, eg. the blood on the face should look more like blood and less like burns.


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