When recently watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Season 3, called Anne, I saw a demon I thought looked really interesting and it got me thinking of design ideas. I didn’t end up drawing the designs because I found myself just making the mask instead, feeling that I knew exactly what I wanted and needed to make. I used modroc on a polystyrene head like I did for all the previous masks I’ve made, and applied it in layers over a 24 hour period, allowing base layers to dry before another a new one.


The mask before being painted.

Once the last layer is complete I then remove the mask from the polystyrene head before painting it. I paint at least 2 layers of paint upon the mask before adding any details so as to ensure that there are no streaks left in the work to ruin the effect of what I’m trying to achieve.

Overall I think this piece didn’t turn out too badly, but I’m unhappy with the colour of the teeth. I couldn’t seem to make the colour the right shade of yellow I wanted, even after coating it a few times with different shades of brown. The detailing added with a pen usually fitted with the previous masks but on this one it feels out of place, so I think this one is a step down from my previous masks, and I think I could have done much better. If I was to do it again I would try harder with the colouring of the teeth, and try and paint the teeth instead of drawing them.

This has shown me though that I feel like I need to move on from masks as I think I’ve hit a wall with them. I do have some ideas on how I can carry on with the masks but I don’t feel like they’re powerful enough with what I’m trying to do. If I was to carry on making masks all the way through to the final exhibition I would add shelves to certain walls and have them presented all the way down a wall so its a wall of faces.


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