When recently discussing my idea of creating an atmosphere of fear rather than just trying to capture the look of fear with a friend, she reminded me of a video game we’ve both played called Last of Us. This game follows two characters, Joel and Ellie, in a post apocalyptic world full of zombies which don’t look like the stereotypical style of zombie. In this concept the virus was created by a fungus growing inside the human body and eventually deforming the features of the person it inhabits, killing them in the process. There are different forms of zombies throughout the game, with some having their facial features completely obliterated, and others having only their body destroyed.


Going from this idea I decided to draw a sketch of the way I could do it on a mask, as a sort of proposal of another idea I could do. Although not detailed I simply tried to capture the basic idea of the look it’d have, the mass of lumps and skin growing out of her face and neck. Although it doesn’t look close to what the designs of Last of Us look like, I don’t want to copy them anyway.


Pencil. A4


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