Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith, born 18th January 1954, is a German-born American artist whose work has addressed the themes of sex, birth and regeneration. Her figurative work of the late 1980s and early 1990s confronted subjects such as AIDS, gender and race, while recent works have depicted the human condition in relationship to nature. Smith lives and works in the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City.

When discussing my dismembered limbs with the group another artist came to mind of which I’ve seen work done by of dismembered limbs, Kiki Smith. Although its a lesser known work I think it actually looks like it could fit with the theme of horror, whether its cause of the subject matter or how its presented I’m not sure.



I can’t find much information about this work other than it was in an exhibition called ‘The Puppet Show’ with other artists displaying their own versions of works like this, and it’s meant to be based on a goddess called Nuit. Even without this information I can see it’s meant to be a body dangling, as the arms and legs are positioned in such a way that an invisible torso can almost be imagined to be there. I love how the strings make it look so messy in a way, but also quite a terrifying presence as it almost makes the person look tied up without actually being visible.



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