Rescheduled Viva Presentation

Today I had my viva presentation, in which I had to present an account of the work I have produced over the Autumn term and where I plan to go from there.

Attached below is my powerpoint and the notes I used to discuss my work.

Sam Holmes Viva Presentation – Powerpoint

Viva presentation – Notes

In this presentation I tried to be brief, due to the strict time constraints, whilst also trying to include as much description as I could. When I had practised it before I had finished just as the time ran out, but during the actual presentation I ran out of time on the second to last slide.

I got encouraging feedback, and I was complimented on how I presented, as I had the audience ‘engrossed’ in what I was presenting. I was surprised at the feedback I got regarding certain works, in particular the dolls I made last term, each being a baby version of ‘big bads’, and it was suggested that I go back to the idea of incorporating the audience in the way I had with the dolls. It got me thinking of presenting an atmosphere of horror rather than just an impression of being horrified. I think I may have to go back and look at how I can go about presenting horror rather than trying to capture horror. So far in this term I haven’t furthered my work due to only creating experimental work, following my weak idea of creating multiple limbs, therefore this could help me kickstart my ideas into gear.


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