Simon Bedwell


Simon Bedwell began his walk by discussing his art show called ‘Bank’ where he and a group of others would create art shows from old buildings. Random individuals would then put their work up together in these buildings. He stated that the practice of making the exhibition, became the exhibition. He explains that it’s to do with the presence and atmosphere of the environment. He also spoke about how he would create posters. He brought up the importance of clip art and how they changed into paintings from magazines and advertisements. He gave us multiple exhibitions as examples, such as ‘The Researchers’, ‘The Furnishers’ and ‘The Receivers’, the latter two being ones where he worked with a number of materials, such as collage work, ceramics and paintings. When discussing the ceramics, he spoke about plain look and feel of the clay, the abstract materials and how he was able to create pieces of work from nothing. He concluded with talking about his pots, and how they were a mix of sizes, and how they portrayed this formlessness.

None of his work seemed to relate to my own but I did enjoy his talk, as I’ve never thought of an exhibition being a work of art in itself. Its interesting to think of making a building into a work of art itself also.


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