Resin Casting

Just like the alginate mould, this is not something I’ve done before. I decided to try this as I thought a clear resin of some deformed figures would look interesting when juxtaposed with the other figures I could make out of plaster. Also, it would help further my knowledge in different forms of casting agents. To create a resin cast I closely followed the instructions given in the box, ensuring I also followed all health and safety precautions.

  1. Mix the the resin and the hardener in the ratio determined on the box. When mixing the concoction be sure to do it in an open area with a mask on to avoid breathing in any of the mixture.
  2. Ensure the mould or surface intended for resin is clear, and coated in the oil included in this set.
  3. Pour the mixture into the mould, gently tapping the mould to allow bubbles to rise to the surface.
  4. Allow to set until clear. This may take up to 24 hours depending on size of mould.

This process didn’t go as planned, as although I left it in the mould for over 36 hours, it didn’t set in the way it was supposed to. According to the instructions it was meant to produce a clear piece of resin shaped into how the mould produced it. Mine didn’t set properly and came out sticky, and still rather white. I looked into guides online on how this may have happened, and even looked into if I could fix it. Some mentioned cleaning it might help, so I washed it gently using just warm water, which did remove the sticky residue but didn’t improve the overall look of the piece.


Detailing of creases captured in resin.

I was impressed, however, by the detail captured on some parts of the mould, with some parts having the creases as seen in the previous casts. I feel like if it had come out clear, if I hadn’t somehow messed it up, it could have looked really impressive, and I think I could have taken this idea of clear figures further. I might consider coming back to this later to try again, as I do think this type of look has potential.


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