Rosanna McNamara & Laura Prime


To kick of this terms first artist talk we watched a performance by Rosanna McNamara and Laura Prime. I found it quite an unusual performance of their interaction together and how this type of performance was included in their webpage ‘Forked’. At the beginning of the talk one would speak, whilst the other would apply make up on their face. Eventually the make up started to be recognised as that of a snake. They then would paint scales on the side of their face and painted a snake tongue from their mouth, all the while having a small camera recording them in the bottom corner of the screen. This could be seen as a webcam, and in that sense a private scene being viewed by the world. They then went on to discuss their radio show, ‘Forked FM Radio’. They talked about the theme of impressions and what accents can represent. They addressed the topic of stereotypes and what it can portray to some. They then performed the song ‘I Want Love’ by Elton John, by copying the performance from the music video.

I struggled to understand exactly what they were trying to represent or what they’re trying to achieve. But overall I enjoyed the talk, and found their charisma impressive.

Below is their page which I found after the talk;


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