Studio Brainstorming Week 1

Last term I left off with the project of fear and revulsion well under way, but over the last week of term, and during the christmas holidays I hit a wall. I didn’t know what was a good idea and which wasn’t. I brainstormed some ideas for experiments I could do to try and get the ball rolling again, and have come up with the idea of using silicon and numerous different resins to make some distorted pieces. I do have a small idea of creating a plinth with multiple arms and legs coming out of it, in a sense creating a fear of a tool often used in the galleries. I think this could be a start for me, as creating casts of hands, feet and faces could help me come up with more ideas. Mainly for my first week I came in empty handed in terms of actual work continuing from last term, but I have been assigned a new tutor, so I was able to use my work from last term to help explain my ideas. I was encouraged to carry on the experimental ideas and reassured about my artist block. She suggested I continue with the casting of body casts, and remarked on how some of my works reminded her of artists, which she has offered as a way to help me find inspiration. These artists included;

  • Maurizio Cattelan, artist renowned for making a gold toilet, but has made some strange pieces concerning the body
  • James Ensor, for his strange ghoulish-like paintings

By next week I am to have created some of these body casts, and bring them in to see how they look in the studio. I am free in exploring how I can make them and present them, and have been encouraged with going on how I feel they should look.


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