Autumn Term Assessment Week 11

To conclude this term I was required to fill in a self assessment form and to discuss it with my tutor when talking about this term’s work. I was recommended that the best way to mark myself was to go back through my blog and ask myself the questions given in the marking scheme whilst reviewing my work.

Presentation; Does the art work presented provide evidence of appropriate levels of purposeful self-directed inquiry?

For presentation I gave myself a 2:2 (59-50) as I felt that I did develop my ideas through this term, and attempted to work with different variations of my ideas. Examples being in week 1 I presented masks, going on the idea that fear could be projected through something as simple as the face. ‘Unmasking’ the fears in a way.

I then worked on a mind map to connect the fears to objects and people in real life, in a way trying to debunk those fears. I was also introduced to the Uncanny Valley essay, which discusses the idea that if something inhuman begins to look more human it starts to create its own fear factor. This started to impact my work in the idea of how something can appear scary because of its features, even if they’re not made intentionally to be scary.

img_20161019_114445And then after debunking the fears in the mind map I worked on flipping it so as to make something that;s not considered scary, to become scary, beginning in my idea of playing on the theory in the Uncanny Valley.

And then to continue I developed the idea of faces into the idea of making life like faces out of latex. At first I considered painting them but that was advised against, as the reaction I received from the plain latex masks worked much better than the any of the detailed work I had made previously. It also was quite interesting to see that although they looked rather plain they proved the theory of Uncanny Valley to be right, the closer it got to looking human the more scary it became.


Also with the mirrors it continued my idea of the fear being projected through visual features of the villains in the movies and books we consume. The main idea that kept coming up which made the latex much more successful and worked alongside the Uncanny Valley again, was the feel of the latex, in some of the areas of which I had painted it onto polystyrene faces it was thinner of thicker than others, these differences feeling strange but also giving the impression of skin. This texture resembling skin disgusted a few of the viewers I saw touching the work.

Materiality; Does the presentation demonstrate a considered and experimental use of materials and does it convey meaning/s through materials?

I marked myself a 2:1 (69-60) in this area as I practised with various medias through this terms, dabbling in plaster casting as a sculpture, drawing, painting, using and improving found objects, and finishing with moulding using latex, evidence of which can all be seen above. I was careful in my final piece to ensure that it still met with the Uncanny Valley whilst still playing with materiality.

Contextualisation; Does the work presented indicate an understanding and dialogue with relevant current or historic artworks, artists or genres?

I marked myself a low 2:1 (69-60) in this area as I did feel inspired and referred back to alot of artists and their artworks in my work, in particular Mike Kelley when working on the found objects pieces, Kiki Smith in her pieces involving a look of shedded skin, which I feel that the latex masks could call back too, and Louise Bourgeois, as she used latex and plaster cast a lot through her work, and it seemed in my project this term I kept going back to plaster and latex. Other artists my work refers to include Paul Thek, in particular his piece ‘Warriors Leg’ which I felt played with the Uncanny Valley much more than my work does at this moment in time.

Installation; Does the presentation demonstrate that the work has been edited? Is this reflected in the presentation?

I marked myself down majorly, 3rd (49-40) for this as I felt that the final installation for this term was not my best. I didn’t have enough time to edit it, so once I sketched the idea on how to present it I just had to go with how simple it was despite knowing it wouldn’t look as good as it could do. I hope that I learn from this and make a much better presentation next term so as to raise this mark for the Summative assessment.

Documentation; Does documentation provide evidence of ongoing investigations and show different stages of development? Is text used in a relevant way? Is there selective inclusion of current and historic art work that directly informs your practice?

I marked myself 2:1 (69-60) for this as I do think I included everything relevant to my work, and anything not relevant yet had to be included I also noted in the text. I tried to show my development as clearly as a I could, and I included all extra activities I took part in, and I was very selective in which artworks of artists I was recommended to include, being sure that their link to my work was clear, without writing an essay.

Reflective Writing; Does the written statement reflect upon and inform the reader of your aims and intentions? Does it convey a coherent and structured form and understanding of an art context relevant to your work?

I marked myself on the edge of 2:1 (69-60) and 2:2 (59-50) for this as I was unsure. In the limited amount of words I was allowed I didn’t get as much as I wanted in there, and felt with about 100 more words or so I would have been able to get it to the way I would be happy with, but I don’t think I babbled too much either. I tried to link the artists to their influences in my work, which I think I did do as clearly as I could limited, and I also think I did show the aims I had, and what I plan to continue with in the next term.

My tutor agreed with me on most of my works, and agreed that I should continue my ideas on using the Uncanny Valley and playing with plinths in my next term. She encouraged me to continue with sculpture, describing it to be stronger than my 2d works. Overall this term I think I could have done much better, and I hope to grow from this to create better works and therefore get better grades.


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