Matthew Collings Artist Talk

For the artist talk this week we had Matthew Collings as our visiting artist. Speaking of his wife, mosaic maker Emma Biggs, he discussed his collaborative practice in which they create paintings that use the relationship between colours to give a style that resembles woven work. He confessed that they don’t necessarily plan what they are going to make, other than Biggs directing Collings where to paint each colour. The skills she has come to acquire because of her experience as a mosaic maker make her the better half to dictate the paintings outcome. They use images of historical building, and Collings described his paints as ‘roughly executed’ despite the fact that from a distance his work looks smooth and clear, almost resembling a landscape.

Image result for matthew collings

Detail of Human Use, oil on canvas by Biggs & Collings[1]

Although I don’t think their work connects to mine in any way I do think it looks interesting, and I find the patterns in the work interesting. I love how open it is to interpretation, and how something new can be seen every time its re examined. I do think I can connect to their spontaneity in making the works, as I feel that when an idea comes to me I can get carried away, and alot of my works can happen spontaneously. I agree with the approach that art-making shouldn’t be so organised, and that it should come naturally, rather than something that feels like step-by-step.




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