Week 10 Feedback

It was agreed this week that the presentation did let the piece down, but the fact that it has coloured even further to the point that the old and new look almost the same did work very well in giving the message of fear and revulsion. I was told I should definitely keep going into horrifying the art space itself, giving me some ideas for next term already. When I arrived this morning I was delighted to see that a lot of the masks was moved, in particular the one hanging from the side of the plinth. I wasn’t happy to realise that some of them had gone missing, for what I don’t want to think why.

It was suggested I start to play with other forms of casting, moulding and continue to make sculpture pieces, as they work much better than my 2d works.

Overall, it was generally all around agreed that with a bit more time put into the presentation of the work that it would have been much more effective, but as an experiment in this project I’m still working on it did turn out well. For next term I have been encouraged to not hold back on using the plinth as a work itself, as I was hesitant to present a wrecked plinth as part of a piece, on the idea that I didn’t want to ruin the integrity of a tool used in the world of art. But if I was less hesitant I could have used this tool as another means of revulsion and fear, having things come out from it would work well, and would hit artists and viewers who expect a clean pillar in a stronger way.


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