Sidsel Meineche Hansen Artist Talk

For this week we had Sidsel Meineche Hansen for our artist visit talk, and she introduced her work by showing her CGI animation piece ‘Seroquel’. Her work explores multiple themes, some of which include sexuality, gender, perception and bio-chemical technologies. I found her work to incredibly impressive, and I admired her skills in VR animation, but I think I would be unable to do something like that in my work, as I think that it can portray messages explicitly, which is something I’d rather not do with my work. I liked the wood prints she made alongside her piece ‘Inside’, and I think I might refer back to her in the future as wood prints have long been a favourite of mine. Although I didn’t feel much connection to her work I did enjoy her presentation and found it to be very interesting.

Image result for Sidsel Meineche Hansen woodprints

DICKGIRL 3D(X), SECOND SEX WAR, 2016. Virtual reality production and CGI animation.




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