Week 9 Exhibition

Today was the last day I was allowed to play with the piece I plan to exhibit, and I’m really not happy with how it turned out. I think that the masks really do portray the fear and revulsion I wanted to give, but I think the presentation is seriously lacking.

When I arrived this morning to apply the finishing touches I realised that the latex had continued to set, so now the masks I had left in the studio was now starting to look brown, almost like they had received a tan. I found this unexpected development brilliant as it means the piece will continue to change due to the change of colouring happening in the latex so rapidly. I also found that the masks had been moved around, so there was evidence already of the piece being interacted with before it was even complete.


I placed my new ones on top of the old whilst leaving some poking out understand, giving the masks a nice contrast of colours with each other, the old mixed in with the new. I also played with the arrangement, and settled on placing one mask almost in limbo of balance, although it was completely secure it looks set to fall off quite easily. I also was able to give the plinth another coat of paint before I ran out of time entirely.

If I had more time  I would have liked to be able to either borrow, or make, 2 more plinths, and have the mirrors placed separately away from the masks while still facing them. I also would have liked to have some hanging from the ceiling so that the faces look like they’re floating. Overall though, I think with the little amount of time I left myself due to other module commitments and my mental health, I was happy to get it up.


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