Preparing for Exhibition

Although I don’t have enough of my masks finished yet I wanted to ensure I have my space during the exhibition so I began to set it up today. I brought in 2 mirrors, plain wooden mirrors so as to not draw attention to them too much, and started to place the latex faces and the skull on and around them. This is a close up of the skull on the mirror, as I forgot to take more pictures of the positioning. Due to the lack of time I have left I have to go with the simple version of installation that I came up with, as the much more complex ideas I have will take too much time and I won’t be prepared for the exhibition. I will take notes of this when I come to the assessment to leave myself more time to make a much more impactful piece.


As of this moment it is just a a small pile of latex masks in between 2 mirrors on a tall plinth, which looks rather badly damaged and is in need of a paint job. I did have a clean plinth but it got stolen this week, much to my dismay, so I have had to use one from the shed. Another thing to take note of, write name somewhere inside plinth to prove ownership if stolen again.

I painted a coat of white paint on it today, as well as sanded down the edges to try and improve it’s appearance but I still am not happy with it. I will try and fit in some time to come back and paint a few more coats on.


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