Proposal of Final Piece

For my final piece of this term I have alot of ideas in mind, and I have yet to decide on one. I am going to begin experiments in the new few days as one element of all the ideas is the same; latex faces. I think looking back the the artist works I have been inspired by, in particular Kiki Smith’s ‘Soft Bodies’ and Paul Thek’s ‘Warriors Leg’, that making something that resembles part of the human body with the use of latex which, when used right, can feel like skin would work best in trying to debunk the idea of horror by replicating it.


Ideas I have include the use of mirrors, either reflecting the faces, or by having the faces glued onto the mirror. The idea of using a mirror mostly comes from my theory that our fear of horror movies are simply just our own unconscious or paranoid fears projected onto the faces of the villain. I also think that the idea of using mirrors to develop the idea of my work further probably comes from Yayoi Kusama’s work with the use of mirrors to make ‘infinite’ pieces.



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