Carrying on from the ‘found objects’ idea I found a couple of baby dolls to horrify, one of which is a reborn doll which is designed to look realistic. Reminding me much of the Uncanny Valley, which I mentioned a few weeks back, the reborn dolls have always freaked me out due their likeness to a real baby.

I decided for the reborn doll that I would turn it into Chucky, and try to create a mixed reaction of horror and awh. I tried to achieve this through acrylic paint on his face and hair, and a cut up teddy bear for a onesie. I wanted to add blood onto the onesie so as to give the impression that he either cut up the teddy and wore its skin or that he is just wearing a onesie which resembles a teddy and killed someone whilst wearing it. Overall I do like how it looks but am still unsure as to what I’m looking for in regards to communicating my ideas.

For my next one I decided to use the cheaper doll just in case anything went wrong. I decided to use the Joker again simply because it’s one of the most complex designs. I decided to use latex on his face and paint it to resemble the face ripped off design. I really love using latex in my work as it gives it a strange feel and look, and I like the idea of making a piece of work which can be touched to help the revulsion and fear that I’m trying to replicate from horror figures. As I was unable to find any baby clothes I decided to instead knit a purple and green blanket to wrap it in, in order to match his hair and clothes in the comics.

I think overall both dolls do have a creep factor to them but probably not enough. I probably find them more creepy than most would because I don’t really like dolls. I have got an idea in mind if I did use these for a final piece for this term though, I could place them in cradles or cots with other painted dolls to give the impression of innocence. I could then add accessories like the knives I used earlier, and make baby vests with funny statements such as ‘Baby’s First Machete’ for a Voorhees themed baby. For now I’ll keep brainstorming.


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