‘Found Objects’

Quite similar to how Mike Kelley used to use ‘found objects’ in his work I decided to go looking for objects which I could either play around with or connect to my work. I don’t plan to actually use everything I find to make a final piece, I just feel this is another experimental stage to see how it works out. I want to do this as I hope to now flip my idea of debunking horror into making something simple and not scary into something horrific.

The first thing I found is the board game ‘Operation’, of which I decided to paint over slightly, painting his eyes to look void of iris and pupil. I also then added blood around every hole which is placed over a body part. I had hoped to get some clay and make the body parts to look like real organs etc, but I was running on a tight budget.


I then found the set of knives that was used for halloween last year, one of which I used in my mind map piece in week 4. I couldn’t decide whether to paint over them or to simply leave them as they are, so for now I have left them alone. I may return back to them later.


I done this more as an exercise to try and get past my artist block. I feel like I have hit a wall, but yet I still have so many more ideas. I think I might just try and carry on this idea of ‘found objects’ and changing them until I come up with something better.


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