Week 4 Work & Feedback

For week 4 I was able to accomplish another complete piece for this project. Although nothing like how I hope my final piece for this term will be, it does help me connect my works together and brain storm for further ideas. Preparatory sketch;


Based on the layout of mind maps I used this to connect the horror movie villains to each other, and also to compare the villains to real people or objects therefore questioning their fear factor.


As a whole.



Close up of bottom right corner

Connections I used included;

  • the infliction of a curse, featured in the Werewolf and Chucky
  • active at night which connected the Tooth Fairy from ‘Darkness Fall’s and the Werewolf
  • undead which connected Frankenstein, mummies, zombies and Nosferatu together, although a connection to Jason Voorhees and the Tooth Fairy could have been made the strings were overtaking works that I wanted to stay central

Close up of top right corner

  • Inhuman connected Pennywise and Jigsaw
  • Facial distortion connected Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein and the Joker, I would have connected Jason Voorhees but his face is almost always covered by his mask
  • Excessive make up connected the Joker and Pennywise

Close up of left side

  • Knives/ Sharp objects connected Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Pinhead, although I thought Pinheads connected was very weak compared to the rest
  • Fear of fire connected Frankenstein, Krueger and the Tooth Fairy
  • Facial mask connects Voorhees and the Tooth Fairy

Close up of bottom left corner

All comparisons I made I used from when I looked into their origins and tried to debunk their fear factor. I added the knife as a ‘found object’ so as to help me think more on a 3D scale on how to present my ideas.

Feedback for this piece was positive, and I was encouraged to further my research into artists and possibly play with ‘found objects’, carrying on from the use of the knife in this piece. Overall I found making this piece much more helpful than I thought I would, it started my mind working on how I could present my ideas in the future.



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