Katrina Palmer Artist Talk

A writer artist Katrina Palmer her work is all about using text or reading text. She has written books, which in a sense can be considered to be her sculptures. Books which she has written includes The Dark Object (2010), The Fabricator’s Tale (2014), and End Matter (2015). The world she creates in her books are often then revisited in her exhibitions through either live reading, much like she did in the recent exhibition Now Landscape. She recently done a book called End Matter which she wrote about Portland as if it was a sculpture, and compared it to the monuments in London.


Image result for katrina palmer reality flickers

Reality Flickers, 2013

Reality Flickers, featured a locker which viewers were able to enter and listen to the 14 minute audio. Audio was about a woman exploited by man, who she then kills.

Although her talk was interesting I don’t think I can connect it to my work in any way, but I will try and keep her in mind in the future if I do any work which includes text, as I have done in the past.





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