Pinhead Sketch

For Pinhead I had the same thoughts as the mummy, although the movie is incredibly scary it has become an under rated, and almost forgotten, classic despite having many sequels made up until only 5 years ago. Despite also having numerous comics and books, the extreme shift of character has left a sour taste in fans mouths, making them uneager to spread their love of him.


I’m taking him on as the form he originally started from, and one of the most realistic horrific forms, the leader of the Cenobites. He and other cenobites scour the earth for people to take them back to his realm called Hell, (not in the religious sense) which is overlooked by Leviathan. In this realm the people are tortured emotionally and mentally for the rest of eternity. Although I didn’t plan to include him I thought adding him in, even if last minute, would add to the mummy’s obscurity, in how they are still relevant, if only slightly.

For a quick sketch in just biro’s I think this turned out alright to include as I don’t want it as a central piece. I think it fits in well with the other pieces and will fill up a little more. I do find it a shame I didn’t think of him when doing the plaster cast masks as I think making one and attaching pins/nails as I go so they remain intact as the plaster dries. I might be able to do this later however. Overall I think this drawing is a success as I think it does look like Pinhead, and the biro simplicity makes it stand out slightly more.


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