Nosferatu Sketch

One of the classic vampires I had to include Nosferatu rather than one of today’s popular vampires. Honestly I think Nosferatu’s design and character can be considered to much more terrifying to think about rather than today’s Twilight or Vampire Diaries vampires. Also, in BTVS the vampires still retain some of their human features in their vampiric form, and even more so in other programmes and movies, including Lost Boys, and Supernatural.

IMG_20161119_132846.jpgFor this piece I again used watercolour and biro so as to emphasise how more demonic like he looked compared to other vampires. I don’t entirely like how this piece turned out as I think he looks almost too happy, but this could still work for me as I have so far be unable to debunk the fear factor of vampires. I like the colouring, but I would also make his skin more blue and blotchy if I was to do it again, to give the impression of his age even more. Overall I think this is a success in an unexpected way, especially because of his expression, and I think it will work well against the rest of the sketches I have done, and will do.


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