Werewolf Sketch

Although there were plenty of werewolf movies in the 90s and before, they aren’t used in popular culture today as much as they were before.The most recent adaptations of werewolf features in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Supernatural. Although both shows werewolves share similar lore, and weaknesses, their designs differ greatly. I plan to use the version used in BTVS rather than the version used in Supernatural because the visuals used for the werewolves in Supernatural, in my opinion, look too human. The werewolves featured in BTVS show a full body transformation which completely change the characters entire appearance.


For this sketch I used different coloured Sharpies to create a cartoonist look. To add highlights I then used a silver coloured Sharpie, therefore creating a contrast of light against dark in the hair and eyes. I really like how this piece turned out, and I think it could work well when placed besides my more detailed works. I plan to use this work in my piece planned for Week 4.


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