Dawn Mellor Artist Talk


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Audrey Hepburn #1, Vile Affections

Dawn Mellor’s work focus’ mainly on the effects on the internet and the spread of consumerism from celebrities. Creating a narrative in her work through her paintings either looking at each other or using textual elements she pays a lot of attention as to how she ‘narrates’ through her work. I didn’t really find her work interesting or have any inclination to how I could connect it to mine, but I did get the thought of how I should pay more attention to how I present my work. I did like the idea of getting her paintings to look at each, and I think I might keep this in mind, as it does sound like a rather creepy thing to do as it would give the sense that the paintings are alive if done right. It also made me start to worry because if I am put by another artist whose work clashes with mine, it may lower or disfigure the message I’m trying to give.

As I have a piece due next week which plays alot on how its laid out, I’ll have to make sure to practise on layout before I’m certain that it’s presented how I want it to be.

Image result for dawn mellor

Bloodbath Dorothy, 2008


An Ecstasy of Purpose 



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