Pennywise Sketch

Pennywise, and clowns in general, are connected to horror in quite a large way. The fear even has its own official name Coulrophobia (fear of clowns). As mentioned before, this is probably down to the media circulating John Wayne Gacy, as well as the numerous clown movies featured over the years, the most popular of which is Stephen King’s It.


Painted using watercolour and defined with biro I decided to make this piece rather detailed as I find the character interesting. The fact that he’s not even human is what makes him even more interesting, and reminds me even more of the uncanny valley and the questions it raises. I think this piece is rather effective in the sense that his expression looks almost of innocence and shock, yet he’s a serial killer. I think this piece is successful because it does look like him, and will work well alongside the other pieces, whether detailed or not. I also think it may stand out in its own way, as compared to the Voorhees and Krueger pieces it is full of colour. I think if I painted this again I would make the teeth much more yellow, and add more detailing to his hair as, to me, it looks like something from a hair dye advert.


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