Frankenstein Sketch


Using the classic Frankenstein’s monster from the 1931 movie I thought he would be much more recognisable than more recent adaptations. Using watercolour and biro I thought what I had already for the Mind Map wall was consisting more of simplistic pieces which I do not want. I want it to look varied in styles of drawing and painting, if possible, and I want it to look like interesting, not something slapped together in a few minutes. I think this piece is successful overall as it does look like Frankenstein’s monster and although I would have liked to spend more time on it, it does  give the undead impression I was after. If I was able to paint this again I wouldn’t use as much shading on the eyes and the eyebrow ridge as I have, as personally, I think it looks too much like he’s got some bad make up on. I also would add more detailing to the cut on his cheek, as I feel that I didn’t pay enough attention to it.


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