Freddy Krueger Sketch

To kickstart my sketches I need for Week 4 I decided to start with one of the most iconic of the horror genre. Although not completely following Yayoi Kusama’s style of drawing in how simplistic it is, I decided to see how simplistic I could go before it’s too difficult to see who he is. Using different coloured biro pens, a silver marker and black and red sharpies, I tried to capture his likeness with as little detail as I could, only highlighting his weapons.


I think overall it is a successful piece, and experiment, as you can clearly tell that it is him, despite the lack of detailing. I like how the blades look with the silver marker highlighting them, and think it works really well against the sharpies. I’ll keep this successful contrast in mind for future works. If I was to draw this again I would strip even more detail, or just try to completely mimic Yayoi Kusama’s style of block colouring and detail stripping.


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