Liv Wynter Artist Talk

Liv Wynter is an artist who lives and works in London. Her work primarily works around writing and rapping, concentrating on issues of being a woman in today’s society, and issues caused by traumatic experiences. She gave us samples of her work today through her pieces ‘Apologies Body’, ‘Rated Art’, and ‘Head Fuck’. Her work is very difficult to live on as she is central to the work, she is the work. To view the work she must be present as her work is performance based, yet only through herself can it be performed. Her work is becoming more known since she graduated from Goldsmiths University, and although she has never filmed her performances there are 17 videos on Youtube currently of her performing. A more recent piece she done, ‘Head Fuck’ is now unavailable to be seen as a performance anywhere, and although she performed the other works she brought with her, she didn’t perform this. For this piece she went onto Skype every night for a month, and performed it in 1-1 sessions in exchange for a fee. Fee’s included all sorts, some money which ranged from £10-£150 and others just favors. Only 31 people have and ever will see it. She’s worked for Tate, and VMA. She works often with Sisters Uncut, which is a feminist group which doesn’t usually work with art, but she brought art into protests they’ve done.

Although I don’t feel influenced by her work I do respect her work. I do feel like I understand artist writers more now, as before I was a little blurry on the definition of what an artist writer was, and how they worked.

Links to filmed performances;

‘Apologies Body’-

‘F#@king Artists’-




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