Jigsaw Mask

For my third plaster cast mask I decided to push it even further. I chose Jigsaw due to his exaggerated  features, in particular his cheeks and chin. For his cheeks I cut into an egg carton and glued the rounded bottom onto each side of the face. For his chin, I just layered the plaster cast bandages in strips onto the bottom of the face until I got the desired look. This process took much longer than my last few masks, the plaster casting itself taking over 3 days to complete. The most time-consuming and difficult part being his cheeks due to the difficulty of making them smooth yet rounded.

Once again, after it dried, I then painted it to resemble Jigsaw, and then drew on top with biro to add the cracked features. I decided to draw onto it rather than paint the cracks because my hands aren’t exactly steady, so this gave me more control. I then, like the last few masks, painted it with latex because Jigsaw is meant to be made from wood and I wanted to give him a polished look.


Out of all my masks so far I think this is definitely one of my most successful due to the detailing, and how well I was able to capture the strange features in the plaster. I think it definitely still has room for improvement, but I am also proud of how it turned out. Overall I will count it as a success in terms of a piece of work, and also as an experiment.


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