Chucky Mask

For my second mask I chose to make Chucky. I found this to be quite a challenge as I again used a plain white mask as a starting point, and the mask had a rather large straight nose. When looking at images of Chucky he has a flat baby like nose, so I cut into the nose and folded it over onto itself to give it more of a flat look.

I also had to then make the cheeks much chubbier to fit with his baby-like features. Over a course of 2 days I layered the plaster cast, being sure to keep the nose as flat, yet rounded slightly, as I could. I also had to make sure I didn’t lose the lining of the lips, which seemed so easy to do after a few layers.

Once dried completely I then painted a base coat of white acrylic, as I learnt from the last one that the plaster actually can come off slightly in the paint. Once the base coat dried I then added a new coat of paint, this time in a pale skin tone in order to ensure no clumps of plaster came through. I then added the detailing of the blood, and used a black sharpie pen to add the staples as the plaster was too thick to allow me to place real staples into it.

As Chucky is meant to be a doll, and therefore sports a slightly glossy look I then decided to add a layer of latex, of which I think went a little wrong as I layered it too thick. It ended up with amber coloured markings across the face. I do find how it feels gross rather interesting though, as I think that revulsion can almost be connected to fear.

IMG_20161019_114732.jpgOverall I think that, as an experiment, it was a success, but as a piece by itself, it doesn’t work very well. I have taken note of my failings in the latex for future experiments.


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