Tooth Fairy Mask

At the beginning of this project I stated I wanted to make a project using more than just 2D mediums, possibly looking into plaster cast etc. This week I was able to pick up some plaster cast bandages and some plain white masks. I was also able to pick up some latex for future experiments.

For my first mask I decided to make the Tooth Fairy from Darkness Falls. Under her china mask she is simply just a bloody burnt face, so I thought it was a simple and quick beginning.

After applying a couple of layers of plaster cast I then left it to dry overnight. I then decided to paint it using different shades of red and black acrylic paint, blending it slightly to create a painful bloody look. To add a finishing touch I then decided to experiment with latex slightly, and painted a thin layer on top of the paint, scratching it slightly to add more texture.


For a first attempt I think it was a successful start, and I plan to make the next one more much adventurous.


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