Jigsaw Sketch

I still hadn’t decided what to do next so I decided to just carry on with what I know, creating another painting but this time I portrayed Jigsaw, from the movie franchise known as ‘Saw’. I used watercolour and pen to outline different details.IMG_20161119_132812.jpg

For this sketch I again used watercolour and biro. I had a problem in the use of the watercolour as it was a new palette I used for this one. The usual watercolour paints I use are completely water based, but these were oil based, of which I had no idea how to use and didn’t even knew they existed ’til then. Irregardless I used them to paint the next figure I could think of when looking at the Mind Map I made for the Brainstorming session.

I think this painting came out okay, not exactly how I expected it to look though. The paints are much more shiny than I would have liked, but I do also think that the biro distracts you from that. I decided to add his catchphrase ‘I Want To Play A Game’ as I felt that the background was too empty compared to my previous sketches. Overall I do think this work can be deemed as a success but I am still unsure of it.


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