Undead Origins

In this page I have decided to group together Frankenstein’s monster, vampires, zombies, Jason Voorhees, mummies and the Tooth Fairy from Darkness Falls, as they all have 1 major thing in common; they’re all undead.

Starting with Frankenstein’s monster this is taken from a real event of which Mary Shelley, the author of the original book in 1818, would have probably read or heard about. In 1803 there was a convict on death row for allegedly killing his wife and child, although many people testified for his innocence the convict was hung. By 1752 there was an addition to the Murder Act which was the allowance of dissection after the convicts death. By adding this to the death penalty it was hoped that this would deter criminals from murdering. The body of George Foster, the convict, was given to Giovanni Aldini who had boasted that he could bring someone back from the dead. When Aldini wired him up and tried to revive his corpse it twitched slightly, and different accounts giving us a rough idea on what actually happened. Some said that the corpse opened his eyes, others said his arm flung itself off the table, and another said it did nothing more than twitch. Still this story of a corpse moving was enough to freak the people of England, and enough to inspire Mary Shelley to write a book enacting the corpses revival. Frankenstein is an ultimate classic and has been the nightmare for many people from the day it was first published. Many people have been influenced or referred to him, making him an icon in the horror genre.

For Vampires I am unsure who to include, but the original tale of vampires has been around for thousands of years, made more popular through Vlad the Impaler who reportedly stuck his victims’ heads on pikes and placed them around his castle to warn of intruders. It’s been alleged that he also drank blood, and survived numerous assassination attempts, but none of this can be proven so it may simply be part of an exaggeration of the story.

Zombies and mummy’s are very much the same thing, just from different parts of the world. The idea of a mummy coming back from the dead probably came from egypt where the practise of mummification was done much more often, also their belief that if a corpse was not laid to rest properly that it would come back and murder everyone. Zombies, as we often see or portray them actually came from the 1968 film Night of the Living Dead, but they appeared much sooner in 1932 in the movie White Zombie which saw a Haiti Priest zombify a young woman. Although not much to go on they are now quite a big thing in today’s pop culture due to numerous recent movies and countless features in TV Programmes, it even has a show completely dedicated to the concept of zombies called The Walking Dead.

The Tooth Fairy from Darkness Falls is actually dead, whether she’s a ghost or a demonic entity born from her mistreatment when alive it is not confirmed. In the film she kills young boys who have lost their first baby tooth but can do so only in the dark. Burnt alive when human she has serious facial disfigurement in the form of bloody burns all over her skin, but this is mainly covered by a china mask, making her appear even more haunting when all that is seen is her white mask in the darkness. I decided to include her as she was and is the only villain who does actually scare me, the idea of her killing people in the dark, as she kills the first boy’s mother when she tries to save him, does really scare me as I’ve had problems sleeping in the dark for most of my life. Although not a major villain in the horror genre I think the fact that she works on people scared of the dark, and there are more than most will admit, makes her a big deal.

Last but not least the iconic Jason Voorhees. Jason Voorhees was not always the main antagonist in the Friday the 13th series, in the first movie it was his mother. But his hockey mask and machete has now made him as iconic as Krueger. Although he’s dead in all the movies, he does die in the fourth one. He actually wears a mask to hide his face, which is blotchy and blue due to being drowned and left in order to slightly decay. Other than being drowned he has also been stabbed multiple times, and allegedly cremated. That’s probably the scariest thing about Voorhees is that he keeps coming back. No matter how many times they’ve killed him off in movies, he always comes back.




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