Joker Origins

Although not considered by the movie fan base to be a horror figure, I have read comics which contain extremely horrific acts he has done, including mental torture, mass murder through different means, and kidnapping. A particularly horrific instance that comes to mind is when he caused widespread panic by poisoning a supply of cotton candy resulting in alot of children’s deaths (The Dark Knight Returns).

The actual basis for the original design of Joker is taken from an actor named Conrad Veidt from movie called The Man Who Laughs (1928). Although the film actually falls under the category of a romantic melodrama, the character in which Conrad plays does bear some visual resemblance to how the joker is designed, featuring the same cut mouth in some carnations of the Joker, and the hysterical laughter.

Conrad Veidt

The particular version of the Joker I am going to use in this project is from the comic book story arc ‘Death of the Family’ in which he enlists the help of the Dollmaker, another Batman villain, to cut off his face. Joker then pins his face to the Asylum wall and escapes Arkham, symbolising his characters rebirth. The story eventually leads to his kidnap of some of Batman’s allies, and the mental torture of Batman when he believes that Joker has had their faces cut off. Once again it ends, as always, with Joker’s escape.

Related image

Joker’s face




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