Horror Movies – True Stories?!

To get a better understanding of why people are scared when watching horror movies I have decided to research into stories which can be considered similar. Although it is still possible to be scared of horror movies without knowing of these stories, I am looking at the idea of the media circulating real horror stories making horror movies more of a fearful thing. I am not completely disregarding the idea of people being scared of horror movies through traumatic experiences but not everyone can attribute their fear to trauma. Villains I’m starting with include Chucky, Jigsaw and Werewolves.

Childs Play is a horror movie about a doll that gets possessed by a murderer. This doll is then brought for a 6 year old boy, who begins to get manipulated by it. Although not confirmed, it is thought this movie is based of a real doll called Robert. Although the dolls don’t share any visual similarities, their behaviour can be considered to be similar.

Image result for cabbage patch doll

Chucky bears a resemblance to Cabbage Patch Dolls, but they aren’t scary?

Saw is a gory horror movie about victims who are trapped in small rooms and placed in situations where the kidnapper has control over their actions by threatening. Some practises include the need to cut out your own eye to get a key to a door and the need to saw off a your foot to escape shackles that he has attached to your leg. This can be connected to the Erie Bomb Killer which features a case in which a man was strapped with a bomb and forced to rob a bank. The main connection in these stories being the kidnapper/killer having complete control over their victim.

Image result for erie bomb killer

The Erie Bomb Collar used in the killing.

Werewolves have been a fear for many people for thousands of years. Fear of werewolves was so rampant across many villages that many people were killed for fear of being a werewolf. Werewolves were blamed for livestock deaths, when more often than not it was just an ordinary pack of wolves. Although werewolves are big in pop culture today, they are still recognised as a fear factor if and when used in any movie or tv programme today.


Image result for werewolf syndrome

Wolfman Syndrome is a real thing in today’s society. Although not common it is incurable. We don’t, as a society, consider this to a scary thing, so why are Werewolves scary?







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