Autumn Term Project Brainstorming

Last year I was focused mainly on internal pain, mental disorders and nightmares. In order to develop from that I plan to continue down the route of analysing nightmares and will begin to start questioning the causes. I focused primarily on drawing, lino printing and painting throughout the year, so to further myself I plan to use other mediums starting with plaster cast.

For this project I plan to question the causes of nightmares in a completely new set of mediums, possibly through sculpture and casting. I will begin this project by first researching into the beginnings of nightmares, the movies which can trigger so many. I also plan to research into the mythical creatures which have long plagued many peoples waking thoughts as to the things that go bump in the night, most of which can be found in horror movies. I plan to research through the means of movies, books and comics to get a clear and broader analysis of the characters which haunt our dreams. As to whether I plan to make this project serious or comical, I have yet to decide.


Mind Map Preparing for my next project

10 words to help with imagination; Terror, Faces, Hands, Suspense, Deformed, Dark, Sharp, Eyes, Dramatic, Inhumane.



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