Painting and Linoprinting

Based on the idea of hands reaching out to grab you. Often associated with paranoia, but can be linked to horror movies due to the cliche of being drag somewhere. Contrast of colouring to create an uncomfortable feel, whilst still connecting to other works I’ve done.

After deciding to reuse my linoprints I made in the Autumn term, I made a quick experimental painting on paper so as to not waste my supply of cotton. I wanted to see if the contrast of colours would work with the linoprints.


A4 experimental acrylic painting and linoprint on paper.

I loved how well it contrasted so I went on with my idea, using a dry brush to paint with to give the marks I admired in Sue William’s and Basquiat’s work. I decided to not print clear linoprints, so as to show the loss of grip on reality when dreaming in nightmares.

Below is the almost finished work, all that is needed is a drawing on top. This is a work I have been developing and working on for a few days, and love how well it has turned out. I love the chaotic look I’ve been able to achieve, and think that it’s overwhelming and almost uncomfortable to look at due to the contrasting colours.



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